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Solar and Batteries

Gross Feed meter

Gross Feed meter

If you want to avoid rising power costs, have backup power in storms and help fight climate change then solar panels and battery storage makes a lot of sense.

It is important to work out what you really need and this means looking at your energy use patterns and investigating your options. Our publications here will give you important background information to guide your choices.



Barbara has moved her Super and bank accounts

Moving your Super to a fund offering a Sustainable Investment stream not only protects your savings from risky fossil fuel assets but helps to build a better future for you to live in. Returns are competitive and often better than investment streams with no ethical focus. Moving your Super is not hard and is your choice. Some major funds are already starting to compete for environmental customers. See how your super fund compares.

Fossil fuel industries like coal and coal seam gas rely on financial backing from major banks. Your savings may be financing these destructive industries without your knowledge. Moving some or all of your accounts to institutions that do not support fossil fuels sends a powerful message to the banks. See how your bank compares. Read Barbara’s story.

ANZ & Westpac

See the linked document above for a range of options when the gross feed tariff ends in December 2016.

Beat the Heat.

There are simple options to cut your A/C costs and reduce the impact of hotter days.

Prepare for Storms.

Much better to make low cost preparations than to suffer the disruption, delays and expense of major storm damage.

Help for the elderly or disabled in preparing your home:

Gold Card veterans ring 1300550450                               

Home Care clients ring 1300 881 144

In bushfire zones ring AIDER 0287414955 for clearing vegetation

Reduce your energy use.

See the energy rating of various appliances.

Join in. Your support means a lot and encourages others to keep going even if personally you don’t want to get too involved. You decide how much you want to  do. No pressure.