Policy Analysis & Economic Modelling

“Zero Carbon Australia” by Beyond Zero Emissions 2010 – Excellent modelling and costing of replacing the current energy grid with Wind Power, Solar Thermal and biomass storage. Very good source of figures and shows the target is possible but does not discuss pathways to the outcome. https://bze.org.au/zero-carbon-australia-2020

“IPCC” United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – There have been 5 major reports since 1990. The latest is AR5 in 4 volumes. Each report is a synthesis compiled from several thousand scientists. This process takes several years of revue by senior scientists and the work is unpaid. Projections are necessarily very conservative since anything  unproven or unmeasured is not included eg methane from melting permafrost, mitigation by soil methanotrophs. The reports are highly detailed and mostly useful for accepted methodologies in data processing, modelling and carbon accounting. Methodologies also evolve with each report as more information comes in.


“Climate Council” – economic and scientific reports on climate change impacts in agriculture, cities, regions, industries and economic direction. https://www.climatecouncil.org.au/category/reports

http://www.climatechangeauthority.gov.au/ – Independent assessments of policies

http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/change/?ref=ftr – Official records and impact assessments.

“ This Changes Everything” by Naomi Klien 2015 – A hopeful book about driving change from the bottom up. A shot in the arm for activists and captures the growing ground swell dragging politicians to reality. Unfortunately it is a slog to read and relies too heavily on opinion and anecdote. Better to see the film now available on DVD. The website is a real trove of activist stories and ideas.

A Question of Balance” William Nordhaus 2008 – Economic modelling of Global warming policies. An examination of discount rates, environmental services, trading systems and carbon taxes

“Climate Change: Science and solutions for Australia” CSIRO 2011 – Written by committee. Detailed but conservative.

“The End of Progress” GP Maxton 2011 – An examination of the failure of the market mechanism and how economic theory has been distorted to suit the interests of big capital.

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