Lola cinema Sometimes in the struggle against irreversible climate disruption you may feel like no one is listening – a bit like being a store dummy. LOLA is our Lovable Ordinary Local Activist. Even though she is a mannequin, Lola tries to do her bit and have fun doing it.

When Lola saw the film “Chasing Ice” at the local Regent cinema she was shocked by the pace of global warming and moved by the efforts of ordinary people to make a difference.

Lola joined Tweed CAN and has come along to many events . She has helped out at information stalls at local markets.

Lola uki stall

Unfortunately not everyone pays attention but the important thing is to show you care.



LOLA Car pool


Like most mannequins, Lola cannot bend at the waist or knees but she does not let this minor disadvantage stop her.


Car pooling is a great way to reduce greenhouse emissions and Lola just has to make some seating compromises.

LOLA bike



Of course it is even better to use a bicycle. Not only does it save carbon but is good for your health (assuming you can use the pedals).

Lola does have to rearrange some body parts and up hill is a challenge but down hill is just fine.





Dat dad dar



Fighting global warming is hard. Progress seems so slow. LOLA dreams of having super powers as an eco-warrior.





S is for SolarBut even “Super LOLA” cannot change the world. There is no point waiting for someone to save us. We are going to have to build a better future ourselves.

That means ordinary people taking a stand. Together we can make a difference.

Not so hard1





Solar even rhymes will LOLA. There has to be a Rap song in that.

More people are switching to green energy every day and coal is so.. last century.


But LOLA knows nothing will get done lying down. Tree Plant1

She likes to get out and help at tree planting days and other activities that reduce emissions or prepare the community.

Though she can’t help a great deal she knows that encouragement and moral support actually counts a lot. It is what keeps others going and gives confidence to take on bigger tasks.

Sometimes LOLA is called upon to sacrifice a little dignity to make a point.



At the “Living For the Future” Expo at Tweed Civic Centre, LOLA donned a “Sundress”  to highlight solar power while other TweedCAN members handed out information and brochures.

Sometimes it can be frustrating especially when we hear spin and misrepresentation from our politicians.

The UN Summit on Global Warming is so important LOLA decided to go herself.

Airport1Amongst all those politicians and diplomats there are a lot of dummies so LOLA thought she might fit right in.

The promises made so far are not enough. Global warming is projected to go well beyond 2 degrees and closer to 4 degrees centigrade. This poses a very high risk that methane from melting permafrost will push global warming further and out of control.

Too many politicians have the dangerous delusion that they can somehow strike a bargain or compromise with physics. They are more concerned with appearances than action.

This seems especially true of the Australian delegation juggling figures, start dates and rebadging existing programs.


Lola was shocked to find our leaders strutting the stage and pretending to be serious participants but really opposing any effective change.

Paris Post Card

With or without the politicians help we have to start decarbonising our societies and the place to start is in our local communities.

Maybe when the politicians realise they are less relevant than a store dummy then they will start out bidding each other on promises to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Momentum is building. One day we will look back and say “This is when the world changed and I helped make it happen.”


Stay tuned for more adventures of LOLA



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