TweedCAN has facilitated the installation of 1000’s solar panels, encouraged Divestment, provided information, written submissions to government reports and driven lasting community initiatives in sustainability and resilience.

Current Actions- detail

2017 so far

  • Detailed submissions to Tweed Shire Council “Renewable Energy Review”
  • Brochure on solar for commercial tenancy.
  • Meetings with Justine Elliot on the Clean Energy Target and ADANI
  • Meetings with Councillors on the potential of Terrajoule in the Shire
  • Participation in first meeting of  Zero Emissions Tweed
  • Submission to NSW Climate Change Fund
  • Submission to Tweed Shire 10yr Strategic Plan
  • Coordination with other environmental groups
  • Participation in first national Community Energy Conference (Melbourne)
  • Coordination with Suncrowd and “Farming the Sun”, solar and battery bulk schemes
  • Solar for Tenants – proposal to government


  • Presentation and stall at TweedTalk “Where to after Paris”
  • Stall at Seniors Expo
  • New Raffle prises, T-shirts and fundraising merchandise
  • Organising Community Group Forum in May
  • Organising seminars in June on Batteries and other options for the end of the gross solar rebate.
  • Updating information and posters for website, World Environment Day and Future Expo
  • Submission on Climatic Modelling adjustments for the Tweed Emergency Plan
  • Submission for North Coast Development Plan
  • Battery and Solar Information Seminar/Expo Mbah – 80 attended
  • Battery and Solar Information Seminar/Expo Tweed – 50 attended
  • Stall at Living for the Future Expo – Tweed West
  • Federal Elections Candidate survey on climate change
  • Two candidates for the Council Elections and support through “Community Voice”


  • Uki Markets Stall
  • Publication- Options for the Solar Gross Feed in Tariff
  • Divestment Demonstration-  Banks at Tweed Heads. Story printed in the Daily News
  • Publications- “Beat the Heat”, “Cyclones?”
  • Petition- Tweed Shire Council Divestment (100)
  • NSW Election Advertisement – Tweed Weekly 20,000
  • Submissions to Council  Sustainability Policy
  • Gaslands Movie :Petition- Tweed Shire Council (200)
  • Stall at Vanuatu Benefit  ( Petition reaches 400)
  • Meeting with council staff re climate change preparations
  • Local data summary on climate impacts
  • New posters, Banners, Earth Balls
  • School Resource Pack
  • Library Display
  • Second Council Divestment Motion- Mayor, Staff, address Council
  • Demo outside CBA against funding Galilee basin coal mines
  • World Environment Day Stall- fund raiser raffle & presentation
  • New Website- build and publication
  • Building the LOLA legend
  • Tweed Futures Expo stall
  • Over 100 attend movie night “This Changes Everything”
  • 7 Community organisations join World Climate Rally at Murwillumbah
  • 300 People attend the World Climate Rally at Murwillumbah
2015 Climate Rally at Murwillumbah

2015 Climate Rally at Murwillumbah

Dec – AGM






2006-2014 Highlights

  • 400 Rooftop solar systems
  •  6 large Solar systems on community buildings
  • Caldera Economic Transition Plan
  • Helped initiate farmers markets
  • Helped initiate BUG bike group
  • 2 Community gardens
  • Developed and delivered a Primary School Pac
  • Bank and Super Divestment campaign
  • Organised Rallies, market stalls, grants, information, expert speakers, film nights, fund raising and liaison with local council and other groups.



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