Inconvenient Sequel

Tweed CAN is launching a special screening ofInconvenient SequelE  the “Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” at the Regent Cinema 6.30pm Friday August 18th. Ten years after “Inconvenient Truth” the film that kick started global action, Al Gore has released his sequel and update.

You will find the film inspiring because so much has been achieved and the tide of change cannot be stopped. We are so close to achieving a historical transformation but it may all be in vain if we do not keep up the pressure over the next few years.

Help spread the word about the film. Download a poster here . We really need you to come along. Paramount pictures is charging more than double normal screening prices. We need to sell 86 tickets at $15 just to break even. This is make or break for Tweed CAN but then this is no time for half measures. If you think global warming is important then don’t sit at home watching TV. Come along, be counted and find out how you can be part of a critical turning point in human history.

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