Tweed Big Solar

Tweed Shire Council is considering Terrajoulerenewable energy  options as it currently faces increases of up to a million dollars per year in grid power costs. There are options that could halve energy costs at some facilities. Help to avoid rising rates and to make Tweed a leading renewable energy generator by writing to the contacts below.

TweedCAN has made detailed, costed submissions for mid-scale solar thermal with storage that would not only cut costs at some facilities but deliver returns on investment of 10.8%p.a. The initial installations would be equivalent to over 4.4 MegaWatts of solar with round the clock power supply. Most of the Councillors are in favour but the administration is wary of something new.

It is not good enough to hike up rates to cover cost increases when there are better options. The Tweed needs innovation to generate employment and to help local businesses survive ever rising costs. Urge your council to take the initiative and become a significant renewable energy generator. Write to:

General Manager, Tweed Shire Council, PO Box 816,  Murwillumbah NSW 2484 or e-mail .

Your silence gives permission for inaction.


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