Hundreds Rally in M’Bah

Rally 6 cropBetween 200 and 300 people rallied in Murwillumbah on November 28th as part of global protests preceding the Paris climate summit. Thankyou to everyone who participated. The community groups attending all reported new members and strong interest.  The Mayor and Federal Member of Parliament attended though our state MP declined.

The crowd was equivalent to 150,000 in Sydney which has 500 times the population.

Community group stalls  included Wildlife Carers, Birdwatchers, Enova, Beyond Zero Energy, Caldera Environment Centre, Landcare and Northern Rivers Guardians. The State Emergency Service and  and Rural Fire Service declined to attend though this was a prime opportunity to sign up new volunteers.

The Guardian reported “More than 2,200 marches were scheduled around the world, with events in locations ranging from Madrid and Rome, which saw 20,000 people each on their streets, to Benin and Sana’a in Yemen, where about 70 people gathered and held up a banner despite air raids, nearby.” In London 50,000 marched and in Melbourne 60,000. It is estimated (by that roughly 785,000 people around the world participated

More info and photos to be posted soon.

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